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Anmols Devbaug Kinara

Nestled between the the Karli backwaters on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side this place is blessed with nature's abundance. Coconut palms surrounding the property is another sight to behold. The best part is you can view either the sea or the backwaters from your rooms gallery. We believe in warmth and want our customers to feel at home and don't believe in commercialization.

We are in the restaurant business since 1994,we have an established restaurant opposite the malvan bus stand.We cater to hundreds of customers on a daily basis.We have a small kitchen at the hotel too to provide guests with breakfast,lunch and dinner.You are required to place the order a little earlier for us to make the preparations.

Anmols Devbaug Kinara reviewed in - Tarkarli Hotels

Hardika Beach Resort

Hardika Beach Resort is a small resort with three cottage rooms including two A/C room in the beautiful locales of Nivati. Nestled cozily very close to the beach, Hardika offers spacious clean and comfortable accommodation in Nivati, Vengurla.

Hardika Beach Resort serves delicious authentic Malvani cuisines which is the speciality of this resort. Enjoy 'Vade sagoti' 'Banddyache kalvan' 'Tisryache kalvan' 'Gavan ras' and many more malwani dishes in Hardika Beach resort which would leave you licking your finger!

Hardika Beach Resort reviewed in - Nivati Hotels

Koyna Agro Tourism

Tapola is a satellite village of Mahabaleshwar about 25 Kms down the valley. A rustic hamlet famed as the 'Mini Kashmir' Tapola is an ideal destination for a back to nature experience. Tapola River Camp center is a campsite where accommodation is arranged in tents equipped with flush toilets. It has a huge covered dining hall where delicious home made food with the flavor of the land is served..

Be it an action packed holiday that you are looking for or a rejuvenating break close to nature head to Tapola River Camp - Tapola to be pampered with the bounties of nature..

Koyna Agro Tourism reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Hotel Shivneri

Hotel Shivneri located just two minutes walk away from the Shiv Sagar Boat club is by far the best hotel in Tapola to arrange your accommodation in Tapola. With 11 spacious rooms of which 5 are air conditioned, a multi-utility hall and an in house restaurant and bar, Hotel Shivneri is well equipped to ensure you a comfortable stay in Tapola. Hotel Shivneri also provides boating services and arranges Vasota Trekking.

Prominently located in this small hamlet Hotel Shivneri, just a stones throw away from the Shiv Saagar Boat club is now more like a landmark in this small village - Tapola.

Hotel Shivneri  reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Nisarga Agro Tourism

Nisarga Agro Tourism, located at the base of a valley sorrounded by magnificent hills of Sahyadris and overlooking the sparkling Tapola lake makes a picture perfect destination for a holiday away from the crowded concrete jungles of the cities to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

At Nisarga Agro Tourism - Tapola you can see rural life in all its rustic charm and also explore methods of farming in the rural areas. You can also enjoy delicious authentic home made veg and non veg cuisine at this resort in Tapola.

Nisarga Agro Tourism  reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

LakeView Sagar

Perched atop the most picturesque locales in Tapola with panoramic views of the Tapola lake and the hills surrounding it on its either sides LakeView Sagar is amongst the few hotels in Tapola which enjoys the views of both the tributaries of the Shiv Sagar Lake - Tapola's primary tourist attraction.

LakeView Sagar is an intimate resort in Tapola with two valley facing couple rooms three kms before the beautiful Tapola lake. The spacious rooms in this hotel in tapola opens up to panoramic views of the valley and the lake.

LakeView Sagar  reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Mahabaleshwar Agro Village

With arguable the largest campus amongst any hotels in Tapola or resorts in Tapola, there is no dearth of open spaces in Mahabaleshwar Agro Village. With the property bordering the pristine lake Mahabaleshwar Agro Village also has its own boating facility with kayaks and speed boats for you to enjoy the lake to its fullest!

Mahabaleshwar Agro Village has an in house restaurant where it serves hygenic sumptuous home made food prepared in the traditional maharashtrian style.

Mahabaleshwar Agro Village reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism

Located in Tapola near Mahabaleshwar Sakha Niwas is an agrotourism centre different from any other resorts in Tapola or Tapola hotels. We dont just offer an accommodation option but a completely different holiday experience. There is lots to do at Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism Center- Tapola and there will not be a single dull moment during your stay at this resort in Tapola.

Keeping aside the technicalities of the term, agrotourism is a concept that brings back the idea of 'native place' back to the urban souls fettered in the concrete jungles. Enjoy some fresh air away from the cities in a rustic locale and experience the simplicity of the rural life style first hand!

Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Tapola Tent Resort

Tapola Tent Resort offers a completely different holiday experience unlike the regular hotels in Tapola and resorts in Tapola. Accommodation in River View Agro Tourism is arranged in spacious self contained tents placed at a stone's throw away from the beautiful Shivsagar lake.

Be it boating and rafting in Koyna back waters, fishing or swimming, visiting strawberry farms or enjoying farm based activities, there is a wide array of activities that awaits you at Tapola Tent Resort and River Camp.

Tapola Tent Resort reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

Tapolaeco Agro Tourism

Built with the primary goal to promote sustainable rural development and protect the culture traditions and village lifestyle through the promotion of eco-tourism Tapola Eco Agro Tourism Center offers a radically different holiday experience.

Located within an expansive campus Tapola Eco Agro Tourism Centre offer well furnished self contained tents placed right by the lake for its guests to enjoy the panoramic views of the verdant hills and the lake.

Tapolaeco Agro Tourism reviewed in - Tapola Hotels

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